CSIR JRF sample Question Paper 4

CSIR JRF is most prestigious examination in the field of life sciences, requires multidimenstional approach and high level of analytical skills to crack it. The theme of this exam is to evavulate your scientific capacity, which can be represent in term of your presice answer in second paper. The IInd paper require absolute hardcore study of basic and advanced biology. Therfore here we are concentrating on the biology and all the following links will directed you toward the ocean of biology.

Althoug we described these link for CSIR JRF, however they can be used for other sister exams like DBT-JRF, ICMR-JRF, GATE GRE (Subjects), IISC enterance ets. We believed students will be able to understand the concepts of most intellectual biology of the world.

We are continously analyzing the availabe materials. Links to most relevant materials can be find here.

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