June Exam - Practice Questions

1. Vascular tissue that transports water in leaves connects directly to
  • meristems in the root tip
  • pistils in the flower
  • root hairs in the epidermis
  • xylem in the stem

June 2013 CSIR NET Biology Exam - Practice Questions

1. After several days near a window, a house plant began to grow toward the window. This growth pattern occurred because auxins
  • prevent the growth of cells on the light side of the plant
  • stimulate cell growth on the dark side of the plant
  • are activated when they are exposed to light
  • are distributed unevenly throughout the plant stem

CSIR NET Life science 2013 Exam - Practice Questions

1. Corals reproduce by forming multicellular outgrowths from the body wall that detach and develop into independent organisms. Which statement most closely describes this form of reproduction in another organism?
  • Molds reproduce by sporulation.
  • Hydras reproduce by budding.
  • Paramecia reproduce by binary fission.
  • Maple trees reproduce by seed formation.

CSIR NET Life science June 2013 - Practice Questions

1. An example of a mutagenic agent is
  • an amine
  • acetylcholine
  • ultraviolet light
  • sulfer dioxide

June 2013 CSIR NET Life science Exam - Model Questions

1. According to the heterotroph hypothesis, which gas was added to the environment by the first heterotrophs?
  • nitrogen
  • oxygen
  • carbon dioxide
  • water vapor

June 2013 CSIR NET Life science Exam - Practice Questions

1. Which activity is necessary for the survival of a species of amoeba but not necessary for the survival of an individual member of that species?
  1. elimination of water by a contractile vacuole
  2. cross-membrane movement of oxygen
  3. ingestion
  4. binary fission