ICMR study materials : Questions on Sensory system

1). All sensory receptors are able to initiate nerve impulses by opening or closing
a). voltage-gated ion channels.
b). exteroceptors.
c). interoceptors.
d). stimulus-gated ion channels.

2). What type of stimulus triggers a response in nociceptors?
a). pressure
b). pain
c). heat
d). touch

3). What is the function of baroreceptors?
a). They detect changes in blood pressure.
b). They detect muscle contractions and the movement of limbs.
c). They are exteroceptors.
d). They detect changes in blood chemistry.

4). Cilia from sensory cells that detect a body in motion are located within the
a). lateral line system.
b). cochlea.
c). semicircular canals.
d). pit organ.

5). Two senses that detect changes in chemical concentrations are
a). touch and pressure.
b). sight and smell.
c). hearing and balance.
d). taste and smell.

6). A person with defective otolith sensory receptors
a). is deaf.
b). has a difficult time maintaining balance.
c). cannot detect external temperature changes.
d). has a faulty sense of smell.

7). The ear detects sound by the movement of
a). the basilar membrane.
b). the tectorial membrane.
c). the cupula that surrounds the hair cells.
d). fluid in the semicircular canals.

8). Which of the following statements is incorrect?
a). Vertebrates focus the eye by changing the shape of the lens.
b). All vertebrate and invertebrate eyes use the same light-capturing molecule.
c). The vertebrate eye adjusts the amount of light entering the eye by contracting the ciliary muscles.
d). Fish focus the eye by moving the lens closer to or farther from the retina.

9). Most sensory receptors function by producing depolarizing potentials. Which of the following function by hyperpolarization rather depolarization?
a). proprioceptors
b). nociceptors
c). olfactory receptors
d). rods and cones

10). Which of the following stimuli is not detected by fish?
a). infrared radiation
b). sound
c). electricity
d). magnetism

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