CSIR JRF NET Biodiversity MCQs Questions Part - 5

41. A population of strictly monogamous swans consists of 40 males and 10 females. The effective population size for this population is
(a) 50 (b) 40
(c) 20 (d) 10

42. Which of the following conditions is the most likely indicator of a metapopulation’s long-term survival?
(a) The population is not subdivided into subpropulations
(b) Regular and extensire movement of individuals among patches makes the subpopulations function essential as a single unit.
(c) Source and sinks all contain subpopulations
(d) All subpopulations are connected by corridors
43. The applications of ecological principles to return a degraded ecosystem to its natural state is characteristic of
(a) bioremediation
(b) restoration ecology
(c) landscape ecology
(d) conservation ecology
44. ––––––––––––– is the unit of evolution
(a) species (b) individual
(c) community (d) population
45. Not all species contribute equally to the integrity of an ecological community, with limited time and resources, it would be most reasonable to focus conservation efforts on
(a) the large vertebrates (b) keystone species
(c) primary producers (d) exotic species
46. Populations with low effective sizes are susceptible to all of the following problems except
(a) inbreeding
(b) genetic drift
(c) bottlenecking
(d) adaptive radiation
47. Which of the following errors would result in an underestimate of a specie’s MVP?
(a) underestimating the maximum age of reproduction
(b) underestimating the average birth rate
(c) overestimating the death rate
(d) overestimating the average fecundity
48. European zebra mussels, accidentally released into lake Erie in 1988, quickly displaced native mussel species. This threat to biodiversity is an example of
(a) Metapopulation expansion
(b) exotic introduction
(c) habitat fragmentation
(d) over exploitation
49. Which of these ecosystems has the lowest primary productivity per square meter?
(a) a salt marsh (b) an open sea
(c) a coral reef (d) a grassland
50. The part of chromosome used for DNA fingerprinting is-
(a) Microsatellite (b) Minisatellite
(c) Tandem satellite (d) Macrosatellite
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