CSIR Life science - Cell Biology Model Questions Part - 8

71. To convert a nucleoside to a nucleotide, it would be necessary to:
(a) remove the pentose from the nucleoside (b) add phosphate to the nucleoside
(c) replace purine with pyrimidine (d) replace ribose with deoxyribose

72. Choose the pair of terms that correctly completes this sentence: Nucleotides are to _______________ as _______________ are to proteins.
(a) amino acids; polypeptides (b) genes; enzymes
(c) nucleic acids; amino acids (d) polymers, polypeptides

73. Post translation modification of secretary proteins occurs in:
(a) RER (b) SER
(c) Mitocondria (d) nucleus

74. Most cells cannot harness heat in order to perform work because
(a) heat is not a form of energy
(b) Cells do not have much heat; they are relatively cool
(c) heat denatures enzymes
(d) temperature is usually uniform throughout a cell

75. Choose the pair of terms that correctly completes this sentence; Catabolism is to anabolism as ––––––––– is to ––––––––––.
(a) exergonic ; spontaneous (b) free energy ; entropy
(c) exergonic ; endergonic (d) work ; energy

76. According to the first law of thermodynamics
(a) matter can be neither created nor destroyed.
(b) all processes increase the order of the universe.
(c) systems rich in energy are intrinsically stable
(d) energy is conserved in all processes

77. How you can separate Gram + ve bacteria from Gram –ve bacteria-
(a) Presence of Techoic Acid (b) Absence of periplasmic Space
(c) Exotoxin Produced (d) All of the above

78. The main Phagocytotic cell in immune response is-
(a) Neutrophils (b) Basophils
(c) Monocytes (d) Lymphocytes

79. The phagocytes are attracted toward microorganisms by-
(a) Chemotaxis (b) Rheotaxis
(c) Diapedesis (d) Thogmotaxis

80. The cell wall of microorganisms is coated with certain plasma protein promoting the attachment of microbe to phagocytes, only then they can be phagocytosised. The coat protein are called as-
(a) Globins (b) Opsonins
(c) Ovulbumins (d) Phagosonins

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