CSIR Life science - Cell Biology Model Questions Part - 10

91. Polyclonal antibodies are-
(a) Clones against single antigen by many B-cells
(b) Clones against single antigen by single B-cells
(c) Clones against many antigen by single B-cells
(d) Clones against many antigen by many B-cells

92. Lymphokines that recruit the macrophages for Phagocytosis are secreted by-
(a) T-cells (b) B-cells
(c) Complement system (d) MHC

93. Liposomes are-
(a) Lipid filled bags (b) Artificial membranes
(c) Liver Fat bodies (d) Eukaryotic organelle

94. Which among the following act as bridge between cell mediated and humoral immunity-
(a) T-cytoxic cells (b) T-suppressor cells
(c) B-cells (d) T-helper cells

95. In humans cell recognition molecules are-
(a) HLA (b) B-cells
(c) T-Cells (d) Immunoglobins

96. Cancers cell are monoclonal, are characterized by uncontrolled growth, invasion of other tissues and dissemination to other tissues. The phenomenon of invasion to other tissues is termed as-
(a) Angiobiogenesis (b) Metastasis
(c) Diapedesis (d) Transformation

97. A major protease secreted by cancer cells acts on plasminogen and converts it into plasmin. Plasmin is proteolytic enzyme that dissolves blood clots and also removes exposed protein groups at cell surface. If the plasminogen is removed form the medium, then-
(a) The morphology of cancer cells returns to normal.
(b) The cancer cell will show more exponential growth.
(c) Cancer cell will die
(d) No change will be seen

98. One of the major higher molecular weight glycoprotein component which can be easily isolated from normal cultured fibroblast by mild treatment of urea, also occur at “foot prints” that moving culture cells leaves, is totally absent in cancerous cell is-
(a) Fibronectin (b) Albumin
(c) Ferritin (d) Transferin

99. The sex determination in drossophila is based on-
(a) X-Chromosome (b) Y chromosome
(c) Autosome (d) Both a & c

100. Environmental control of sex determination is seen in-
(a) Melandrium (b) Drosophila
(c) Bonelia (d) Apes indica

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