CSIR Physics MCQ Questions - Part 1


A body is allowed to slide on a frictional less track from rest under-gravity. The track ends in a circular loop of diameter D. What should be the minimum height of the body in terms of D, so that it may successfully complete the loop?

(a) D

(b) D

(c) D

(d) 2D


A body is moving along a circular path with variable speed. It has

(a) a radial acceleration

(b) a tangential acceleration

(c) zero acceleration

(d) both tangential and radial accelerations


A body is traveling in a circle at constant speed. It

(a) has constant velocity.

(b) has no acceleration

(c) has an inward acceleration

(d) has an outward radial acceleration


A body of mass 100 gram, tied at the end of a string of length 3 m rotates in a vertical circle and is just able to complete the circle. If the tension in the string at its lowest point is 3.7 N, then its angular velocity will be ______ (g = 10 m/s2)

(a) 4 rad/s

(b) 3 rad/s

(c) 2 rad/s

(d) 1 rad/s


A body of mass 500 gram is rotating in a vertical circle of radius 1 m. What is the difference in its kinetic energies at the top and the bottom of the circle?

(a) 4.9 J

(b) 19.8 J

(c) 2.8 J

(d) 9.8 J


A body of mass m is suspended from a string of length l. What is the minimum horizontal velocity that should be given to the body in its lowest position so that it may complete full revolution in the vertical plane with the point of suspension at the center of circle?






A body of mass m performing UCM with frequency n along the circumference of circle having radius r, force is given by

(a) 4pnm2

(b) 4p2n2m

(c) p2n2mr

(d) pnm2


A bucket containing water is tied to one end of a rope of length 2.5 m and rotated about the other end in a vertical circle. What should be the minimum velocity of the bucket at the highest point, so that the water in the bucket will not spill? (g = 10 m/s2)

(a) 2.5 m/s

(b) 4 m/s

(c) 5 m/s

(d) 7 m/s


A bucket tied at the end of a 1.6 m long string is whirled in a vertical circle with a constant speed. What should be the minimum speed so that the water from the bucket does not spill when the bucket is at the highest position?

(a) 4 m/sec.

(b) 6.25 m/sec.

(c) 16 m/sec.

(d) None of these


A can filled with water is revolved in a vertical circle of radius 4 metre and the water does not fall down. The time period of revolution will be

(a) 1 sec

(b) 10 sec

(c) 8 sec

(d) 4 sec

1. Answer: B

2. Answer: D

3. Answer: C

4. Answer: B

5. Answer: D

6. Answer: D

7. Answer: B

8. Answer: C

9. Answer: A

10. Answer: D