CSIR Physics MCQ Questions - Part 3


A cyclist goes round a circular path of circumference 343 m in s. The angle made by him, with the vertical is

(a) 42°

(b) 43°

(c) 44°

(d) 45°


A cyclist is moving in a circular track of radius 80 m, with a velocity of 36 km/hour. In order to keep his balance, he has to lean inwards from the vertical through an angle q. If g = 10 m/s2, then q is given by

(a) tan-1 (2)

(b) tan-1 (4)

(c) tan-1

(d) tan-1


A cyclist turns around a curve at 15 miles per hour. If he turns at double the speed, the tendency of overturn is

(a) doubled

(b) quadrupled

(c) halved

(d) unchanged


A fighter aeroplane flying in the sky dives with a speed of 360 km/hr in a vertical circle of radius 200 m. Weight of the pilot sitting in it is 75 kg. What will be the value of force with which the pilot presses his seat when the aeroplane is at highest position (g = 10 m/s2)

(a) 3000 N

(b) 1500 N

(c) (75 ´ g)N

(d) 300 N


A frictional track ABCDE ends in a circular loop of radius R, body slides down the track from point A which is at a height h of 5 cm. Maximum value of R for the body to successfully complete the loop is:

(a) 5 cm

(b) cm

(c) cm

(d) 2 cm

20. Answer: A

21. Answer: D

22. Answer: D

23. Answer: B

24. Answer: B

25. Answer: D