Amino Acid biochemistry: CSIR NET JRF Biology study material

1. Aminoacids are
a) building blocks of carbohydrates
b) building blocks of nucleic acids
c) building blocks of lipids
d) building blocks of proteins
2. Amino acids has
a) both amino group and carboxyl group
b) both amino group and keto group
c) amino group only
d) carboxyl group only
3. The simplest amino acid is
a) Proline
b) methionine
c) glycine
d) serine
4. Which of the following amino acid is a ‘α-helix terminator’
a) tryptophan
b) phenyl alnine
c) tyrosine
d) proline
5. The first amino acid in a polypeptide chain is
a) Serine
b) Valine
c) Alanine
d) Methionine
6. Which of the following amino acid has buffering capacity
a) Tryptophan
b) cysteine
c) histidine
d) arginine

7. Which of the following is an α imino acid

a) serene
b) threonine
c) valine
d) proline
8. The naturally occurring form of amino acid in proteins
a) L-amino acids only
b) D-amino acids only
c) both L and D amino acids
d) none of these
9. Sulphur containing amino acids are
a) Cysteine and methionine
b) Methionine and threonine
c) Cysteine and threonine
d) Cysteine and serine
10. Aromatic amino acids include
a) Phenylalanine, tyrosine and tryptophan
b) Phenylalanine, serine and tryptophan
c) Threonine, tyrosine and tryptophan
d) Asparagine, tyrosine and tryptophan
11. Positively charged basic amino acids are
a) Lysine and arginine
b) Lysine and asparagine
c) Glutamine and arginine
d) Lysine and glutamine
12. Acidic amino acids include
a) Arginine and glutamate
b) Aspartate and asparagine
c) Aspartate and lysine
d) Aspartate and glutamate
13. Amino acids with hydroxyl groups are
a) serine and alanine
b) Alanine and valine
c) serine and threonine
d) Valine and isoleucine
14. The 21st amino acid is
a) hydroxy lysine
b) hydroxyl proline
c) selenocysteine
d) citrulline
15. Absorbance at 280nm exhibited by protein is due to
a) aliphatic amino acids
b) all amino acids
c) Non-polar amino acids
d) aromatic amino acids

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