MCQ Questions on Blood

1) Which of these is not part of primary haemostasis?
- Platelet plug
- Vessel contraction
- Platelet activation
Correct answer: Thrombin generation

2) Thrombomodulin binds with thrombin to increase the activity of which anticoagulant factor?
- Prostacyclin
- Heparan Sulfates
- Nitric Oxide
Correct answer: Protein C

3) vWF is produced by Endothelial cells and megakaryocytes.
Correct answer: TRUE

4) Which of these is an incorrect description of vWF?
- Binds to subendothelial collagen
- Stored in EC Weibel palade bodies
- Is a multimeric adhesive glycoprotein
Correct answer: Binds FXa to prevent its degradation in blood

5) Fibrinogen binds to GPIb receptor on platelets.
Correct answer: FALSE

6) Activation of which coagulation factor marks the begining of the common pathway?
- FV
- Tissue Factor
Correct answer: FX
7) Warfarin is a vitamin K agonist.
Correct answer: FALSE
8) Activated Protein C inhibits the actions of which TWO clotting factors?
- F-Xa & F-VIIIa
- F-Xa & F-Va
- None of these
Correct answer: F-Va & F-VIIIa
9) Activation of new platelets and increased platelet aggregation is amplified by which of the following?
- Tissue Factor
- Heparan Sulfate
- Dermatan Sulfate
Correct answer: Thromboxane A2

10) Plasminogen is not activated by which of the following?
- tPA
- Factor XIa
- Factor XIIa
Correct answer: PAI-1

11) Which growth factor would stimulate formation of megakaryocytes?
- Erythropoeitin
- Granulocyte-Colony stimulating factor (CSF)
- Monocyte-CSF
Correct answer: Thrombopoeitin
12) Which of these would be used in treatment for neutropenia?
Correct answer: G-CSF

13) RBC in circulation with the nucleus still inside are called:
- Weibel Palade bodies
- Neucleorythrocytes
- None of these
Correct answer: Howell Jolly Bodies
14) 4 genes encode of the alpha-globin in Hb. The loss of how many of these genes would result in chronic haemolytic anemia?
- 4
- 2
- 1
Correct answer: 3

15) Which of these does not indicate iron deficiency in a blood test?
- Decreased Mean Cell Haemoglobin
- Microcytic RBC
- Hypochromic RBC
Correct answer: Increased Mean Cell Volume