June 2013 CSIR NET Biology Exam - Practice Questions

1. After several days near a window, a house plant began to grow toward the window. This growth pattern occurred because auxins
  • prevent the growth of cells on the light side of the plant
  • stimulate cell growth on the dark side of the plant
  • are activated when they are exposed to light
  • are distributed unevenly throughout the plant stem
2. Which type of digestion occurs in the mouth when an individual chews a piece of bread?
  • mechanical digestion only
  • chemical digestion only
  • both mechanical and chemical digestion
  • neither mechanical nor chemical digestion
3. Which structure is lined with a ciliated mucous membrane that warms, moistens and filters air?
  • pharynx
  • alveolus
  • epiglottis
  • nasal cavity
4. Which transport structures have specialized regions for filtering out bacteria and dead cells?
  • arteries
  • capillaries
  • veins
  • lymph nodes
5. In humans the ureter transports unine from the
  • blood to kidney
  • liver to kidney
  • kidney to urinary bladder
  • urinary bladder to outside of the body
6. If a motor neuron involved in a reflex arc is damaged, which is least likely to occur?
  • contraction of muscle
  • stimulation of an interneuron
  • reception of a stronger stimulus by the sense organ
  • secretion of a neurotransmitter by the sensory neuron
7. Which system is most closely associated with the production of regulatory chemicals by glands?
  • nervous
  • circulatory
  • endocrine
  • exocrine
8. The inelastic connective tissue that attaches a muscle in the lower leg to the heel is known as
  • a tendon
  • a ligament
  • cartilage
  • endodermis
9. Which process results in offspring with a genetic makeup identical to that of the parent?
  • fusion of gametes
  • vegetative propagation
  • internal fertilization
  • meiotic cell division
10. The uncontrolled division of certain extremely healthy body cells, which invade the surrounding tissues and interfere with the normal functioning of the body, is known as
  • cancer
  • a viral infection
  • oogenesis
  • regeneration
1. stimulate cell growth on the dark side of the plant
2. both mechanical and chemical digestion
3. nasal cavity
4. lymph nodes
5. kidney to urinary bladder
6. contraction of muscle
7. endocrine
8. a tendon
9. vegetative propagation
10. cancer