CSIR JRF June 2010 Paper I/II Questions -Life science

Here is the few questions which is asked during CSIR NET JRF LIFE SCIENCE - June 2010

Memory based

Which among the following is not a polymer?
a) rubber
b) cellulose
c) vinyl alcohol
Sky appears blue because of
a) scattering of light
b) composition of sunlight
c) a and b

Four times the square of a number is one more than three times the number. Find the number
a) 4
b) –4
c) 1
d) -1
Three balloons are of the same size,one was filled with hydrogen,another with helium and last one with carbon dioxide. let F1, F2, F3 be the buoyant forces acting on them, then which of the following is correct
a. F1>F2>F3>
b. F3>F2>F1
c. F2=F1>F3
d. F3=F2>F1

Microorganism mostly used for controlling insect population include
a. Bacillus thuriengenesis
b. Agrobacterium tumefaciens

Evolution of Dinosaurs time?
a. 6.5 millions years ago
b. 600 million yrs ago
c. 6 billion years ago
d. 60 million yrs ago.

Incorrect transfusion of blood results in death of the patient due to
a) precipitation
b) agglutination of blood cells
c) kidney failure
If the sample taken from HIV patient serum blood sample, will detect in Western blotting
a) viral antigens
b) viral particles
c) viral proteins-specific antibodies

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