CSIR NET JRF Second paper question Practice


1. Where in a eukaryotic cell do you think you would find the following proteins residing? Be as specific as you can in terms of subcellular location.

(a) an enzyme whose substrate is DNA

(b) an enzyme that catalyzes protein synthesis

(c) a protein that allows ions to pass in and out of the cell

(d) a protein that acts as a receptor for extracellular cell-cell communication molecules that are large and hydrophilic

(e) a protein that forms a channel through which RNAs can be exported into the

(f) an extracellular matrix protein

(g) a protein that adds carbohydrate groups to proteins destined for the outside of the cell

(h) a protein that synthesizes ATP

(i) the cytoskeletal protein actin

(j) The major cytoskeletal protein actin is translated as a single polypeptide subunit.

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