CSIR JRF Notes on Know about our body


If you already attened exams like CSIR, ICMR, GATE, DBT NET JRF you will always come across questions about our own body system like how many bones are in our body, what is length of the intestine and many more here you will list of facts about our own body.
Length of alimentary canalApproximately 8 meters
BMR (Basal metabolic rate)1600 K.cal/day
Number calls in body75 trillion
Longest boneFemur (thigh bone)
Smallest boneEar ossicle, stapes
Weight of brain1400 gms
Blood volume6.8 litres (in 70 kg body)
Normal B.P120/80 mm Hg
Number of R.B.C(a) In male: 4.5-5.0 million/cubic mm
(b) In female: 4.0-4.5 million/cubic mm
Life span of R.B.C120 days
Normal W.B.C count5000-10000/cubic mm
Life span of W.B.C3-4 days
D.L.C (Differential leucocyte count)(a) Basophils-0.5-1%
(b) Eosinophils-1-3%
(c) Monocytes-3-8%
(d) Neutrophils-40-70%
(e) Lymphocytes-2-25%
Blood platelets count2,00,000-4,00,000/cubic mm
Haemoglobin(a) In male: 14-15.6 gm/100 c.c of blood
(b) In female: 11-14 gm/100 c.c of blood
Hb content in body500-700 gm
Universal blood donorO Rh-ve
Universal blood recipientAB
Blood clotting time2-5 minutes
Average body weight70 kg
Normal body temperature98.4.F or 37.C
Breathing rate16-20 minutes
Dental formulaadult:2123/2123=32
child: 2120/2120=22 milk teeth
Number of cranial nerves12 pairs
Number of spinal nerves31 pairs
Largest endocrine glandThyroid
Gestation period9 months (253-266 days)
Normal heart beat72-75/ minutes
Largest glandLiver
Largest muscles in the bodyGluteus maximus (Buttock muscle)
Largest smooth muscleUterus of pregnant women
Smallest muscles in the bodyStapedius
Largest arteryAbdominal aorta
Largest veinInferior venacava
Largest W.B.CMonocyte
Smallest W.B.CLymphocyte
Greatest regeneration powerIn liver
Longest nerveSciatic
Longest cellNeuron (nerve cell)
Menstrual cycle28 days
Menopause age45-50 years
Minimum regeneration powerIn brain cell
Minimum distance for proper vision25 cm
Type of placentaHaemochorial (Chorioallantoic)
Pulse rate72/minute
Volume of semen2-4 ml/ejaculation
Normal sperm count200-350 million/ejaculation
ESR (normal Erythrocyte sedimentation rate)4.10 min/hour
Thinnest skinConjunctiva
pH of gastric juice1.4
pH of urine6.0
pH of blood7.35-7.45