CSIR/ GATE Molecular biology MCQ with explanation

1.Which is not a danger associated with somatic-cell gene therapy?

  1. Therapeutic genes may be inserted into the middle of another gene, disrupting its function
  2. Genes may not produce any protein, even if appropriate regulatory sections are included
  3. Inserted genes may have profound effects on the genomes of the subject’s children
  4. Inserted genes may have cancer-causing effects

2.Why are concerns about the individuality of clones scientifically questionable?

  1. Identical twins have very different personalities, and they are essentially clones of each other
  2. Clones of plants are made all the time when gardeners grow new plants from cuttings
  3. The environment and not the genes is the major shaper of the personality
  4. No clone would ever want to be exactly the same as his parent

3.Which is most closely associated with the process of sexual selection?

  1. The evolution of mimicry by walking sticks and other insects
  2. The extravagant feathers of a male peacock
  3. Apparently altruistic acts between siblings
  4. A desire on the part of males to mate with their sisters

4.Which best describes the theory of punctuated equilibrium?

  1. It postulates slow evolution that due to geological processes does not appear in the fossil record
  2. It states that species tend to remain stable but individuals vary a great deal
  3. It states that species generally remain stable but this stasis is occasionally interrupted by rapid evolutionary change
  4. It argues that random genetic changes are more important than natural selection in speciation

5.Which is not an apparent paradox resolved by replicator theory?

  1. The existence of untranscribed DNA
  2. The existence of altruism between siblings
  3. The existence of sexual reproduction
  4. The existence of bacterial cells

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