CSIR cell Biology MCQ question part -1

1. In a cell if acidity of Lysome is lost, then loss of:
(a) Phagocytosis of invading bacteria
(b) Elevated phosphatase level
(c) Glycogen degradation
(d) No major effect

2. Bacterial genomes is prevented by its own endonucleases by-
(a) Methylation at restriction sites
(b) Immune mechanism
(c) Nuclease resistant genome
(d) Are not much effective on bacterial genome

3. The function of macrophages is to-
(a) Enzyme Secretion
(b) Engulf Cell organelles
(c) Engulf Foreign Material
(d) Kills Invading Bacteria

4. The difference which distinguish prokaryotic cell from eukaryotic is-
(a) ER (b) Mesosome
(c) Nuclear Membrane (d) Plasma membrane

5. Extra nuclear genetic material is found-
(a) Ribosome (b) ER
(c) Chloroplast (d) Centriole

6. The acrosome of the sperm is formed from the
(a) mitochondria (b) centrosome
(c) lysomome (d) golgi bodies

7. Holiday junction is observed during:
(a) Mitosis (b) Interphase
(c) Recombination (d) DNA Repair

8. A caretenoid less mutant plant was grown under normal sunlight then-
(a) Increased photosynthesis rate
(b) Increased chlorophyll synthesis
(c) Reduced photorespiration
(d) Increased chlorophyll oxidation and necrosis

9. A C3 mustard plant was grown at 300 ppm of CO2 in 14 h light and 10 h dark cycles,
it was transferred to 1000 ppm CO2. This will lead to (other environmental parameters
remaining identical)-http://www.blogger.com/img/blank.gif
(a) Increased photosynthesis (b) Decreased Photosynthesis
(c) Increase in Respiration (d) No Change

10. Presence of AIDS virus cannot be detected by-
(a) ELISA (b) Western blotting
(c) Northern Blot (d) Assay of full-length ds DNA

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