CSIR cell Biology MCQ question part -2

11. Which part of translational modification of proteins does not occur in lumen of ER-
(a) Glycosylation
(b) Ubiquitnation
(c) Conformation folding & formation of quaternary structure
(d) Formation of Disulphide bonds

12. Freshly broken chromosome ends are sticky & tend to fuse, however ends of intact
chromosomes are stable. Their stability is due to presence of-
(a) Centromeres
(b) Telomeres
(c) Special membrane around chromosomes
(d) Kinetochores

13. Plant cell wall is generally made up of-
(a) Cellulose and pectin (b) Cellulose
(c) Chitin (d) Murin

14. Which one of the following is correct for structure of cell wall of fungi and Bacteria?
(a) Both have glycopeptide
(b) Both are made up of N-acetylglucasamine
(c) Both are made up of murin
(d) Both are made up of chitin

15. Nucleus is absent in-
(a) Sieve tube (b) cambium
(c) Phloem parenchyma (d) None of these

16. Among the following which is true cell according cell theory-
(a) Virus (b) Monerans
(c) Protestans (d) Bacteria

17. The characteristic property of metabolically active cell is-
(a) Low nucleo-cytoplasmic ratio
(b) High nucleo-cytoplasmic ratio
(c) High volume to surface area ratio
(d) Small nucleus

18. Plasma membrane the functional as well as structural role is played by-
(a) Proteins (b) Lipids
(c) Cholesterol (d) Oligosaccharides

19. Lipid nature of plasma membrane can be destroyed by-
(a) Hexane (b) Benzene
(c) Chloroform (d) NaOH

20. The plasma membrane of intestine is highly folded into microvilli. The main function
of Microvilli is-
(a) To Secrete digestive enzymes (b) To help in blood circulation
(c) To increase its absorptive surface (d) For ageing of worn out cells

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