CSIR cell Biology MCQ question part -5

41. Photosynthetic pigments are located in membrane on specific areas called as-
(a) Oxysomes (b) Quantosomes
(c) Photosystem (d) Antenna molecules

42. Microtubules are 25 nm thick, 15nm core formed of 13 helically arranged
protofilaments made up of-
(a) a tubulin (b) b-tubulin
(c) Myosin (d) both a & b

43. Intermediate filaments are made up of-
(a) Non-contractile proteins (b) b-tubulin
(c) Myosin (d) Actin

44. In hexose m onophosphate shunt, the CO2 molecules evolved is-
(a) Same as in glycolysis (b) Less then glycolysis
(c) More then glycolysis (d) Much lesser then glycolysis

45. The electron donor during nitrogen fixation is-
(a) Water (b) Ferrocynide
(c) Ferodoxin (d) CO2

46. The chromatin is made up of repitative units known-
(a) Chromosomes (b) Chromonemata
(c) Nucleosomes (d) Nucleotides

47. Exocytosis and endocytosis is absent in-
(a) Amoeba (b) Euglena
(c) Mycoplasma (d) Algae

48. Cytochrome oxidase and cytochrome c deficiency in mitochondria causes-
(a) Menke’s disease
(b) Kearns-says syndrome and Menke’s disease
(c) Kearns-says syndrome
(d) Leber’s optic neuropathy

49. Photophosophorylation occurs in-
(a) Plastids (b) Mitochondria
(c) Cytoplasm (d) Cell membranehttp://www.blogger.com/img/blank.gif

50. Which of the following is correct with regard to aneuploidy?
(a) inversion
(b) 2n + 1
(c) All aneuploid individuals die before birth.
(d) 4n

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