CSIR cell Biology MCQ question part -4

31. Microsomes are not found in cell in natural condition. They are-
(a) Present only in certain bacteria
(b) Broken pieces of ER during centrifugation
(c) Broken pieces of golgi during centrifugation
(d) Present in certain fungi

32. Among the following which is not present in smaller subunit of ribosome-
(a) Peptidyl transferase (b) Binding site for t RNA
(c) A Site (d) P site

33. Polyribosome are seen in-
(a) Bacteria (b) Fungi
(c) Angiosperms (d) Mammals

34. r-RNA originates from-
(a) Nucleus (b) Nucleolous
(c) Cytoplasm (d) ER

35. Which organelle is presenting zone of exclusion and have definite polarity-
(a) Golgi (b) ER
(c) Nucleus (d) Ribosome

36. Lysosomes are abundant in-
(a) WBC and osteoblasts (b) RBC and Spleen
(c) Liver and Spleen (d) WBC and Spleen

37. Lysosome membrane is strengthened by cortisol, cortisone, antihistamine, heparin,
chloroquinone and cholesterol but becomes fragile-
(a) Low bile salts and energy radiations
(b) In absence of oxygen
(c) Low Vitamin A & E
(d) Low Progestrone and estrogen

38. Fruit rotting can be checked by slowing down the action of enzyme polygalactouronose
of the organelle-
(a) Golgi (b) Lysosomes
(c) Glyoxysome (d) Peroxisome

39. In prokaryotes where the mitochondria is absent, the site of oxidative phosphorylation
and electron transport chain including dehydrogenases is-
(a) Mesosomes (b) Endosomes
(c) Plasma membrane (d) Microsomes

40. Water soluble phycobillin pigment occur in-
(a) BGA and Green algae (b) BGA and Red algae
(c) Green algae and Red algae (d) Green algae and Brown algae