CSIR Ecology MCQ questions Part -3

21. Air pollutant gases causing acid rain are-
(a) CO2 & Cl2 (b) CO2 & O3
(c) SO2 & NOx (d) CFC & CO2

22. Plants that grows in saline water lodged habitat are called-
(a) Xerophytes (b) Halophytes
(c) Mangrooves (d) Mesophytes
23. Petro-crop plantation refers to-
(a) Establishing gobar gas plant
(b) Planting fast growing trees
(c) Planting hydrocarbon rich plants
(d) Recycling of waste
24. Which of the following is true climax according to monoclimax theory-
(a) Edaphic climax (c) Climatic climax
(b) Biotic climax (d) Physiographic climax
25. Ecotype is-
(a) Genetically different but phenotypically similar
(b) Genetically different but ecologically different individuals
(c) Genetically adapted ecological race
(d) Genetically & phenotypically dissimilar
26. Competition is the most severe between the two-
(a) Closely related species growing in different niche
(b) Closely related species growing in same habitat
(c) Distantly related species growing in same habitat
(d) Distantly related species growing in different niche
27. In ecological succession from pioneer to climax community, the biomass shall-
(a) Decrease (b) No relation
(c) Increase and then decrease (d) Increase continuously
28. Rate of storage of organic matter not used by heterotrophs is termed as-
(a) Net productivity (b) Net primary productivity
(c) Gross primary productivity (d) Secondary productivity
29. Abyssal zone in ocean has-
(a) No sunlight but contains decomposers and consumers
(b) No sunlight but contain producers
(c) Sunlight and decomposers
(d) Sunlight and producers
30. Climate of world is threatened by-
(a) Increasing amount of atmospheric O2
(b) Decreasing amount of atmospheric O2
(c) Increasing amount of atmospheric CO2
(d) Decreasing amount of atmospheric CO2
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