CSIR Ecology MCQ questions Part -2

11. Among the following environmental pollutants has the problem of biomagnifications-
(a) SO2 (b) NO3
(c) Hg fungicides (d) O3 & CO2

12. An increase in the atmospheric level of automobile exhaust gases does not lead to-
(a) Pb Pollution (b) O3 Pollution
(c) Particulate air pollution (d) O3 Pollution
13. The compound mainly responsible for pollution which caused the ill famed Bhopal gas tragedy was-
(a) NH4OH (b) CH3NCO
(c) CH3NH2O (d) CHCl3
14. In recycling of mineral elements within an ecosystem, the responsible direct acing organism are called-
(a) Decomposers (b) Producers
(c) Primary consumers (d) Secondary consumers
15. Eutrophication of water bodies resulting to killing of fishes is mainly due to-
(a) Non-availability of food
(b) Non-availability of light
(c) Non-availability of oxygen
(d) Non-availability of essential minerals
16. The pyramid of biomass will be inverted in the ecosystem of-
(a) Forests (b) Ponds
(c) Grasslands (d) Drylands
17. Primary productivity at the climax stage of a succession is-
(a) Higher then consumption (b) Lower then the consumption
(c) Equal to consumption (d) Not related to consumption
18. UV radiations is injurious to plants because it-
(a) Break phosphate bonds (b) Increases respiration
(c) Causes dehydration (d) Causes genetic changes
19. The pyramid of number of a parasitic food chain in forest ecosystem is-
(a) Always inverted
(d) Always upright
(b) Mixture of inverted & upright
(c) Sometimes inverted and sometimes upright
20. The most stable ecosystem could be-
(a) Ponds (b) Oceans
(c) Desert (d) Forest
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