CSIR Evolution MCQs Part - 3

21. Which of them do not cause variation at genetic level-
(a) Mutation and recombination
(b) Gene migration and drift
(c) Natural selection and artificial selection
(d) Panmictic population

22. The raw material for evolution is variability of gene or allele at/in-

(a) individual level (b) population
(c) gene pool (d) community
23. Founder effect is concerned with-
(a) Gene migration (b) Genetic drift
(c) Natural selection (d) Mutation

24. If the individual ar one extreme of the size distribution (eg., larger one ) contribute more offspring to next generation then such selection is called as-

(a) Directional
(b) Disruptive
(c) Cyclic
(d) Stabilizing
25. Examples of polymorphism in human is-
(a) ABO blood group (b) Sickle cell anaemia
(c) height and Intelligence (d) All of the above

26. When the preservation of genetic variability is through heterozygote superiority it is termed as-

(a) Heteropolymorphism (b) Balanced polymorphism
(c) Stabilizing polymorphism (d) Directional polymorphism
27. Type of speciation due to polyploidy is-
(a) Allopathic (b) Parapatric
(c) Peripatric (d) Sympatric

28. When the two species are morphologically almost identical but reproductively isolated,are termed as-

(a) Taxonomic species (b) Ecotypes
(c) Sibling species (d) Morphospecies
29. Methanogens are found in-
(a) Marshy areas (b) Flora of cattle rumen
(c) Biogas fermentor (d) All such places
30. Each of us is part of the ongoing evolution of the human species. Which of the following occurrences would have the greatest impact on the future biological evolution of the human population?
(a) You work out every day so that you stay physically fit and healthy.
(b) A mutation occurs in one of your skin cells.
(c) You move to Hawaii, the state with the longest life expectancy.
(d) A mutation occurs in one of your sperm or egg cells.
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