CSIR Evolution MCQs Part - 2

11. Biogenetic law of Von Baer & Earnst haekel is
(a) Phylogeny repeats ontogeny
(b) Ontogeny repeats phylogeny
(c) Ontogene repeats phytogene
(d) Ontogeny and phylogeny are cyclic

12. Evidence from fossils records are obtained by calculating age of fossil found in–
(a) Metamorphic rock (b) Sedimentary rocks
(c) Igneous rocks (d) Earth crust
13. Mammals originated during the period-
(a) Triassic (b) Jurassic
(c) Cretaceous (d) Permian
14. First plant having seed habit (Heterosporous Pterodophyte) originated during-
(a) Silurian (b) Devonian
(c) Carboniferous (d) Permian
15. First human appeared during-
(a) Oligocene (b) Miocene
(c) Pliocene (d) Pleistocene

16. Era of reptiles and gymnosperm is-

(a) Precambrian (b) Paleozoic
(c) Mesozoic (d) Cenozoic

17. The correct order of evolution of horse is-

(a) Mesohippus, Hyracotherium, Meryhippus, pliohippus, equus.
(b) Mesohippus, Meryhippus, Hyracotherium, pliohippus, equus.
(c) Mesohippus, Meryhippus, pliohippus, Hyracotherium, equus.
(d) Hyracotherium, Mesohippus, Meryhippus, pliohippus, equus.

18. Darwin’s theory of pangenesis was refuted by-

(a) Recapitulation theory (b) theory of Germplasm
(c) Chromosome theory (d) theory of biogenesis

19. Mutation theory of Hugo de vries was put forward while working on-

(a) Drosophila (b) Ancon sheep
(c) Oenothera amarckiana (d) Antirrhinum

20. Evolution at genetic level is termed as-

(a) Microevolution (b) Macroevolution
(c) Gene Evolution (d) Point mutation
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