CSIR cell Biology MCQ question part -3

21. The structure formed where two adjacent membrane are thickened with disc shaped
adhesive material in between and tonofibrils radiating out from adhesive region is-
(a) Gap junction (b) Tight junctions
(c) Desmosomes (d) Plasmodesmata

22. The outer part of cytoplasm is usually termed as-
(a) Plasmasol (b) Plasmagel
(c) Nucleoplasm (d) Protoplasm

23. Endoplasmic reticulum originates from-
(a) Nuclues (b) Nucleulous
(c) Golgi Complex (d) Plasma membrane.

24. The endoplasmic reticulum which constitute 50 % of cell is absent in-
(a) Ova (b) Embryonic cells
(c) Mature erythrocytes (d) All of the above

25. Ribosome are attached to endoplasmic reticulum through glycoprotein known as
Ribophorin I & II. The Subunit of ribosome which get attached to ER is-
(a) P site (b) A site
(c) Large subunit (d) Small subunit

26. How you can separate Gram + ve bacteria from Gram –ve bacteria-
(a) Presence of Techoic Acid (b) Absence of periplasmic Space
(c) Exotoxin Produced (d) All of the above

27. Lysosomes are polymorphous organelles enclosed by a single membrane. They contain
vast array of hydrolytic enzymes which can digest any foreign material except-
(a) Cellulose (b) Starch
(c) Glycogen (d) Lipids

28. Spectrin of erythrocytes and cytochrome c of mitochondria, which can be easily
dissociated by high ionic strength and metal ion chelating agent are example of-
(a) Extrinsic Protein (b) Intrinsic protein
(c) Tunnel Protein (d) Cytoplasmic Protein

29. Fats, Sterol and detoxification are found abundant in-
(a) Adipose cells (b) Muscle cells
(c) Liver cells (d) All of above

30. RER is found abundantly in goblet cells, pancreatic cells and liver cells is mainly
engaged in-
(a) Glycosylation of protein
(b) Folding and Secondary Structure formation
(c) Production of Secretory & cytosolic protein
(d) Production and Excretion of protein

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