CSIR Ecology MCQ questions Part -1

1. The best source of Vitamin C among the following:
(a) Lycopersicum esculentum (b) Cirus medica
(c) Capsicum annum (d) Phyllanthus emblica

2. Pollution of big cities can be controlled to large extent by-
(a) Wide roads and factories away from city
(b) Cleanliness drive and proper use of pesticides
(c) Proper sewage and proper exit of chemicals from factories
(d) All of the above
3. The Ecological pyramid that is always upright
(a) Pyramid of energy (b) Pyramid of biomass
(c) Pyramid of number (d) None of the above

4. “Green house effect” with respect to global warming refers to-

(a) Cooling & moist condition (b) Warming effect
(c) Increased rainfall & greenery (d) Desertification
5. In India, Tropical rain forest occurs in-
(a) Jammu and Kashmir (b) Andaman & Nicobar
(c) Uttar Pradesh (d) Himachal Pradesh
6. Insectivorous plant generally grow in soil which is deficient in
(a) Water (b) Nitrogen
(c) Potassium (d) Calcium
7. Atomospheric ozone layer which protect us from UV-B & C is getting depleted most by addition of-
(a) Chloro flurocarbon (b) Carbon monooxide
(c) Carbon dioxide (d) Sulpur dioxide

8. A high BOD value in aquatic environment is indicative of-

(a) A pollution free system
(b) A highly polluted system due to excess of nutrients
(c) A highly polluted system due to abundant heterotrophs
(d) A highly pure water with abundance of autotrophs

9. In which of the following the maximum plant diversity is found-

(a) Tropical evergreen forests
(b) Tropical moist deciduous forests
(c) Sub tropical mountain forests
(d) Temperate moist forests

10. A term biotype means-

(a) All individuals having same phenotype
(b) All individuals having same genotype
(c) All individual with different phenotype
(d) All individuals with different genotype

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