CSIR Evolutionary Biology Questions Part -1

Evolutionary Biology Questions MCQ Questions and answers
1. The oldest microfossil so far of age 3.5 billion year ago was-
(a) Coacervates (b) Eobionts
(c) Microspheres (d) Cyanobacteria

2. In his book, “The origin of life (1938)” oparin submitted abiogenesis first bur biogenesis
ever since, this theory is named as-

(a) Spontaneous generation (b) Chemical origin
(c) Primary abiogenesis (d) Biogenesis
3. Experimental evidence for molecular evolution of life was provided by-
(a) Oparin (b) Haldane
(c) Urey and Miller (d) Syndey fox

4. During pre-biotic origin of life which chemical played important role in formation of nucleotide specially guanosine-

(a) CH4 (b) CO2
(c) NH3 (d) HCN
5. Among the following which molecule till now not synthesized by mimicking the environment of pre-biotic environment-
(a) Ribose (b) Pyrimidines
(c) Purine (d) L-aminoacids
6. Among the following the evidence of evolution from biogeography is-
(a) Embryo development (b) Plate tectonics
(c) Darwin finches (d) Darwin turtles

7. Thorns of Bougenwalia plant and tendril of cucurbits are-

(a) Homologous organs (b) Paralogous organ
(c) Analogous organ (d) Orthologous organ
8. Placental mammals such as mouse, wolf, Australian marsupials such as marsupial mouse, Tasmanian wolf shows-
(a) Parallel evolution (b) Convergent evolution
(c) Divergent evolution (d) Phyletic evolution

9. Which of the following is not an vestigial organ in humans-

(a) Ear muscles (b) Tail vertebra
(c) Premolar (d) Appendix

10. Which of the following was earliest form with lipid bilayer and can reproduce by budd
(a) Coacervates (b) Micro spheres
(c) protobionts (d) Monospheres