CSIR NET JRF study material life science 2nd paper part- 12

1. What are three “R's to save the environment? What do they refer to?

2. a. Distinguish between three DNA molecules of same length having 50%, 30% and 10% GC content using spectroscopy? Explain why a single stranded DNA has higher adsorption in UV region compared to double stranded DNA of same composition.

b. Can you explain why RFLP analysis is not effective when analyzing degraded DNA?

3. How do you classify different viruses depending upon the nature of the genome and transcription machinery? Give one example of each type?

4. What three types of DNA sequences are required to ensure proper replication and propagation of a YAC in a yeast cell?

5. What factors promote the fidelity of replication during the synthesis of the leading strand of DNA? Would you expect the lagging strand to be made with the same fidelity? Give reasons for your answers.
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