CSIR study material life science 2nd paper part- 11

1. a. How do you estimate IgG and IgM differentially and totally?
b. How epithelial transport of IgA antibodies occurs?
c. How is sulphur important for plants? Name on amino acids in which it is present.

2. Where is the respiratory chain in bacteria located and how it is similar to the respiratory chain present in mitochondria.

3. How many electrons are needed for the reduction of one molecule of nitrogen to ammonia by the Nitrogenase? Explain.

4. What is isoelectric point? Two proteins A and B have the same molecular weight. How will you separate them?

5. A mutation in E coli lac repressor has taken place as a result of which lactose is unable to bind to the repressor. If this mutant and a wild type E.coli are grown in a medium containing lactose and glucose, what will be the growth curves of both these strains?

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